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LED Lighting

The last years have witnessed a true revolution in the lighting industry. Successive to the traditional incandescent light bulbs, fluorescent tubes, PL lamps and gas discharge lamps, and the subsequent unconvincing generation of energy-saving lamps, a new type of lamp has caused a genuine seismic shift in the lighting market: the LED.

Luxendi has a wide solid product range in this new lighting technology, and has from the very beginning of this lighting revolution been a preferred supplier to LED specialists and engineering companies. The products are accompanied by sound technical knowledge and a well-oiled logistics machine, so that Luxendi can provide you with the best choice.

In addition to a number of standard lines from leading manufacturers, we also have access to our production facility, where we can produce customised products, customer specific modifications, or LED assemblies. We can address anything from the LED engine or COB to the drivers and from the heat sink and the thermal interface to the connector and optical accessories such as lenses and reflectors.

Important features of our LED lighting products are:

  • Constant voltage
  • Constant current
  • Constant power types
  • With or without PFC
  • Complying with all the standards for lighting
  • With analogue (PWM, 0 or 1 to 10VDC or resistive) or digital dimming (DALI, DMX)
  • Flickerfree solutions
  • Limited power consumption in stand by mode
  • Class I or II
  • UL1310 NEC Class 2

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Xicato GaLaXi controls Xicato GaLaXi controls
Now Xicato is tackling the controls mess with a portfolio of open standard Bluetooth wireless control products that enable worry-free, hassle-free, and economical lighting control, with no compromise to power or performance.
Lumitech PI-LED Lumitech PI-LED
PI-LED allows implementation of top-level Human Centric Lighting solutions because this patented and proven technology combines variable white light and RGB in one single light source.
KNX Lighting Control KNX Lighting Control
The architecture of the system consists of a power supply that supplies the KNX bus. The KNX switch actuator is used to control the LED driver. If dimming function is required, an optional dimming switch actuator with a dimmable LED driver is expected.
Casambi Bluetooth Technology Casambi Bluetooth Technology
Dalcnet has integrated Casambi Bluetooth Technology into DLX1224-4CH series. With this new range of products you can control the lights of your home or office in total freedom, by your mobile phone through Casambi App
SinkPAD Technology SinkPAD Technology
SinkPADtm is a thermal management Printed Circuit Board (PCB) technology that makes it possible to conduct heat out of a LED and into the atmosphere faster and more efficiently than a conventional MCPCB. SinkPADTM provides superior thermal performance for medium to high power LEDs.
OptoDrive® Modules OptoDrive® Modules
All the OptoDrive LED-modules are dimmable and have various configuration possibilities for lenses and drivers. The modules are available in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, still with a consistent formfactor over time.