Lumitech PI-LED

The bio-rhythmic revolution on the conventional lighting market
Lumitech PI-LED

PI-LED allows implementation of top-level Human Centric Lighting solutions because this patented and proven technology combines variable white light and RGB in one single light source.

This means that PI-LED can perfectly simulate the spectral quality and continuous colour temperature changes of sunlight over the entire day: From daybreak to clear, blue skies at noon, right through to the glow of sunset.

PI-LED in detail

  • Colour temperatures automatically adjustable along the Planckian locus to mimic natural daylight during the course of the day (including seasonal and non-seasonal changes)
  • Standard colour temperature range between 2.500K and 7.000K, optional range between 1.800K and 16.000K
  • Individual control of all RGB colours within PI-LED colour space
  • Complete spectrum with colour rendering of CRI 90
  • Constantly high energy efficiency from warm white to cold white
  • 100% calibration and temperature-compensated for minimum colour tolerances (MacAdams typ. 1)

Light colours and colour rendering

PI-LED Planckian Focus

PI-LED is based on the three channels red, blue and mint, which are controlled individually and are optimally matched in terms of temperature and intensity. PI-LED has a CRI >90 along the Planckian locus and thus guarantees highest colour authenticity at all times of day and for every type of mood lighting. Furthermore, PI-LED warm white has a high colour rendering in the R9 index.

Ideally, an artificial light source has the characteristics of sunlight. PI-LED is very close to this ideal and offers excellent colour rendering and a high quality light character throughout the entire PI-LED colour space.

PI-LED supports the human biorhythm both day and night. Biorhythmic lighting technology has particularly good biological effects because PI-LED achieves the maximum sensitivity for melanopic vision.

In rhythm with the biological clock

Natural day-night-rhythm is designed to allow humans to sleep well and regenerate while it is dark and to be active and reach high performance levels when it is light. In the course of human evolution, our body has developed a biorhythm on the basis of this sequence – this is called the circadian rhythm. Apart from rod cells and cone cells which are responsible for our vision, the human eye also has so called non-visual photoreceptors which noticeably influence the circadian rhythm. These receptors control our hormonal balance, in particular the regulation of melatonin, which is responsible for our sleep-wake pattern.

This is exactly where PI-LED takes effect – with the aim of supporting the human circadian rhythm and keeping natural melatonin production in balance. The underlying principle is as follows:

  • Cold light with a high percentage of blue has a vitalising effect and promotes the release of serotonin and cortisol while at the same time reducing the release of melatonin. Physical fitness, mental performance and vigilance are significantly increased.
  • Warm light with a high percentage of red promotes the release of melatonin, thus encouraging relaxation and regeneration.

Daylight: Indoors and Outdoors

The pleasant imitation of natural daylight during the course of a day is one of the core competencies of PI-LED technology. A lighting solution perfectly synchronised with the circadian rhythm assists humans in their everyday life and sustainably enhances their health and well-being – both at home and at the office. PI-LED automatically provides the right light at all times of day. All PI-LED systems are preprogrammed with a daylight programme for all seasons of the year. Nonetheless, users can still adjust the lighting manually to suit their individual needs whenever they want.

Light for Every Occasion

Open fireplace or the blue hour: PI-LED transforms every room into an oasis of light. In addition to imitating natural daylight during the course of a day, PI-LED can also create a wide variety of impressive lighting atmospheres. The selection of different light colours can effectively change the look and atmosphere of any room and adjust it to suit every situation and occasion: Intense colours turn the next party into an unforgettable event, cooler colours create a harmonious atmosphere and warm red and orange light helps you relax.

Everything from a single source

PI-LED is all about the relationship between light and humans – both with regard to the effect of light on health and well-being as well as to ease of installation and userfriendliness. The user can adjust the lighting in a matter of seconds to create the perfect light for every occasion, whenever he wishes. In addition to preprogrammed sequences, users can access the entire spectrum of colour temperatures and colours to adjust the light in accordance with their own requirements.

PI-LED can be controlled using a variety of interfaces: touch control, application or USB – all easier than ever before. Controls are based on wireless NeoLink Air technology, or the cable-bound DALI DT8 standard.

Control function range

  • Automatic daylight simulation
  • Individual control of all 3 channels
  • colour temperature, brightness and individual RGB light colours
  • Microprocessor-controlled lighting and colour temperature management
  • Long service life of 50.000h

Smart control of lighting with Neolink Air

PI-LED NeoLink, developed by LUMITECH and available on the market since 2014, is the world’s first Human Centric Lighting system for professional applications that can be controlled using the ZigBee standard. The control data is transmitted over routes up to 100 m based on a routing process - and that too, with very little energy consumption.

Thanks to a broad range of control elements, there is also a matching lightcontrol interface for every construction situation and every user. In addition to wall rotary knobs and NeoLink Air App for smartphones and tablets, a USB stick for controlling via PCs and laptops is also available.

Subsequent integration in existing structures can be as easily implemented as installation in a completely new building.

Control functionality

  • Colour temperature, brightness and individual RGB light colours
  • Fixed mood lights combined with any dimming level and colours
  • Daytime- and colour sequences
  • Overall and group control

Complex lighting systems simple control with DALI DT8

In addition to NeoLink, the user also has the option of controlling PI-LED lighting via DALI DT8. This control system allows easy integration of Human Centric Lighting into more complex facility management systems.

Control functionality

  • Colour temperature, brightness and individual RGB light colours
  • Fixed mood lights combined with any dimming level and colours
  • Daytime- and colour sequences
  • Overall and group control