LED Connectors

LED Connectors

Luxendi has its own connector line including for LED applications, manufactured by our own production company Mechatronix in Taiwan. With more than 300 standard models made from either metal or plastic, MechaTronix offers a complete range of LED connectors. The focus is on round and waterproof models with diameters ranging from 10 to 25 mm, protected up to factor IP68.

MechaTronix has specific models of connectors for DMX, DALI and RGB, which are simple to install with screws, and we even supply complete cable assemblies and extension cables. The connectors are available with 2 to 14 contacts and can handle up to 30 A per contact. Different locking types are available, such as screw, bayonet, and push-pull. Contacts can be equipped with screw, shrinkage, and solder attachments.

MechaTronix Connectors

  • Round, waterproof LED connectors
  • Cable sets and overmoulded cable assembly
  • Protected up to IP68 category in mated position, or equipped with protective cap
  • Coating from plastic and metal
  • Receptacles (front and rear pluggable), cable, and inline connectors
  • Models for replacement in the field, with screw contacts
  • From 2 to 14 contacts, and chargeable up to 30 A per contact
LED Connectors

Custom connectors

  • From idea or concept to realisation
  • Customisation is possible with either plastic or metal coatings
  • Locking with bolt, screw, bayonet or push-pull
  • Screw, shrinkage, and solder attachments for contacts


  • Plug cables based on all standard connectors
  • Cable assemblies based on a minimum of one MechaTronix connector
  • Overmoulded cables, based on LT13, LT17 and LT21 connectors