LED Components



Laird Technologies is a global player in the field of thermal management, electromagnetic shielding, antenna products, wireless, and RFID products. With Laird, Luxendi has a solid partner for a variety of thermal solutions.

The Laird product range spans from simple heat sinks and thermal conductivity materials to advanced thermo-electric coolers and complete thermal assemblies for use in, for instance, telecommunications, instruments, and other critical applications. For the LED market Laird has a complete range of thermal interfaces, pads, gels, and other products for the successful transfer of heat between COBs, LED engines, and heat sinks.

Laird products for LED cooling

  • Phase Change TIM's
  • Thermal Gap Filler Pad TIM's
  • Electrically Insulating TIM's
  • Electrically Conductive TIM's
  • Thermally Conductive Grease

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