High quality customisation with the components of Luxendi

QC Ligth Factory is a company with more than 30 years of experience in custom-made luminaires and lighting advice. Through a combination of craftsmanship, innovation and teamwork, they design and produce the entire process for customers. The relatively small-scale company located in Bavel is well known within the lighting market. With the delivery of high quality and innovative products, the company has put itself on the map and other customers know how to find the company. Gerard van der Stelt, owner of QC Light Factory, adds: "No idea is too crazy for us and everything is negotiable. QC Light Factory tries to translate what the customer, often an architect, has in mind".

The company has been working together with Luxendi for a long time, which has been merged from the former LED department of Telerex B.V. and the Belgian Luxendi BVBA. QC Light Factory works on a project basis where they assess each order individually which materials are needed for a qualitive end product. "We are working with the products of Luxendi in several projects," says Van der Stelt.

According to Van der Stelt, the fact that QC Light Factory regularly works with Luxendi is also due to the pleasant cooperation. "The company is just around the corner. Moreover, the company likes to think along with us about solutions to challenging LED fixture issues. The short lines of communication between us ensures a pleasant working environment. Mats Gouverneur, account manager at Luxendi adds: "As soon as we have new product developments, we pay them a visit."

Valley project Amsterdam

Two different projects where QC Light Factory applied Luxendi products are the modernisation of the Stevenskerk in Nijmegen and the realisation of a special luminaire in the new building project the Valley in Amsterdam.

Valley; the evolution of city life

The architectural project "Valley" on Amsterdam's Zuid-As is a project by Winy Maas of the architectural firm MVRDV. The striking building offers a combination for living, working and leisure. QC Light Factory has provided two entrances of the building with a custom-made luminaire / pendant.

"The specially designed lamps reflect the organic terrace shapes of the rice fields in Indonesia," says Gerard van der Stelt. "To create all the shapes and lines, all the parts of the luminaire were bent by hand. A very labour-intensive job.

The luminaire offers up and down lighting via LED strips from Luxendi. The components from our supplier Blueview offer 14.4 Watt and a colour temperature of 3000K. With the latest version; 1800 lumens, the luminaires offer more than enough light. Van der Stelt: "The Valley is one of the most beautiful projects we have done so far."

Valley project AmsterdamValley project Amsterdam

Stevenskerk in Nijmegen

QC Light Factory realised 60 pendant luminaires Ra>95 and tunable white in collaboration with Jan Heijn Daniels and Willem Hoebink. Luxendi supplied the separate PCBs, drivers and controllers for the production of the pendant luminaires. To be able to use warm and cold light, QC Light Factory used a LED module from Lumitech with an output of 4000 lumens. This module produces a lot of heat and had to be cooled by a heatsink.

The church is also equipped with indirect dynamic light lines around the roof and the choir walls. This lighting is also controllable via a DALI signal, allowing both the pendant luminaires and the line lighting to be controlled in various colour combinations and in functional white. The general lighting conveys the beauty of the St. Stevenskerk in a good way.