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This month: Wadden Sea Centre, new Xicato Intelligent Gateway, and more

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Wadden Sea Centre, Denmark. Exhibition Architecture by JAC studios, No Parking Productions & Jason Bruges Studio.
Lighting design and gels by Fortheloveoflight.dk. Luminaire design by JAC studios and Fortheloveoflight, manufactured by
Mike Stoane Lighting.  Light source by Xicato XIM Gen4 Artist Series. Photography by James Medcraft.

What's Inside

  • Wadden Sea Centre Takes Flight with XIM Gen4
  • Introducing the Xicato Intelligent Gateway
  • Xicato and LumiFi Partner for Multivendor Control
  • Events: Where to find us
  • XIM Gen4 Evaluation Kit



Wadden Sea Centre Takes Flight with XIM Gen4

The Wadden Sea is a UNESCO World Heritage site that stretches 500 km along the coasts of The Netherlands, Germany, and Denmark. It is a biologically rich, dynamic land and seascape that is a rich habitat for birds, seals, porpoises, dolphins, and crustaceans, many of them regionally endangered.

The Wadden Sea Centre (WSC) is a new facility, completed in 2016 and located in Ribe, Denmark, literally on the beach of the Wadden Sea. The Centre is a museum between land & sky that communicates the astonishing story of 15 million migratory birds that use the preserve to feed and rest during their long journey across continents. 

The Centre’s new exhibition "The Wadden Sea - 15 million birds migrating" is a journey through the landscape of the Wadden Sea -- an incredible, aesthetic, fairytale exhibition about The Wadden Sea as seen through the eyes of migratory birds.

A beautiful staging area begins the visitors’ journey with the birds. We see their lives in the Wadden Sea, and we follow them up in large swarms into the sky.

Plain white walls and exhibits provide a perfect canvas for gel-tinted, pastel lighting and multimedia projection, creating a wonderfully soft but dynamic environment for contemplation, study, and even entertainment.

JAC studios in collaboration with Jason Bruges Studio and No Parking created the exhibition in harmony with the special nature of migratory birds, and the design creates a balance between communication and aesthetics that is unique in its field.

Fortheloveoflight provided lighting design for the exhibit, creating with the architect a new design and structure that inhabits the space as an integrated design element, without being technically imposing.“Birdbeamers” is as much architecture as it is lighting – a visually simple and flexible low voltage lighting system with bespoke luminaires that becomes an integral design element in the exhibit. Birdbeamers clamp to the rig for easy mounting and focusing. 


Of course, the first requirement was great quality light, provided by Xicato Artist Series. After that, Fortheloveoflight needed a lighting control system that provides individual light control with deep, smooth dimming that was simple to set up and simple to use. Manufactured by Mike Stoane Lighting in the UK, the birdbeamers are designed with high lighting quality and wireless control technology from Xicato. The 48V DC XIM Gen4 was critical to designing a clean, simple fixture that could "perch" on the mounting beam like birds on a wire, with no distracting driver boxes.

Nikolaj was sold on the Xicato XIM Gen4 based on its ease of commissioning and control, and its potential to integrate the museum lighting with the immersive multimedia experience they were planning for visitors. Light level adjustments were performed iteratively from within the space, from the point of view of the visitor, in hours rather than days. 

“It was essential for the final result to work wirelessly and dynamically with the lighting design during commissioning.”  - Lighting designer: Nikolaj Birkelund, Fortheloveoflight

But the XIM Gen4 offered so much more. 

XIM Gen4 comes with integrated Bluetooth beacons – iBeacons, URI Beacons and Alt Beacons – that can add depth to the information provided in the exhibits themselves. User apps can detect the presence of beacons, locate them in the space, and provide multimedia information that deepens their understanding of the exhibits next to them, immersing them in a virtual world of migrating birds and tidal flats.

Wadden Sea Centre was among the first to test the Xicato Intelligent Gateway (XIG), which we are announcing with this newsletter (see below). The XIG creates an intelligent Bluetooth network that can be connected to the WSC MediaLON local area network that both controls its multimedia projectors and audio, and serves as the building management system (BMS).




XIM Gen4 comes in 9mm and 19mm LES, 2700K to 4000K CCT, and six specialized color formulas.

With XIG, WSC facilities managers can not only control the lights, but also get real-time feedback on light status – data such as intensity, temperature, power (W), input voltage, and operating hours. The availability of this data allows them to ensure that everything is working exactly as desired, and to conduct proactive maintenance if, for example, a power supply is failing on one of their tracks.

XIG and XIM Gen4 also ensure that the WSC intelligent lighting network is future proof. XIM can be programmed to respond to any combination of sensor or command inputs, including multimedia programming. And both are field upgradable to the Bluetooth Mesh standard expected in the second half of 2017.

“The XIM Gen4 is amazing!”, exclaimed Rikard Lundell of Rebel Lighting when he saw a demonstration. “I have been in lighting controls for many years, and the instant response, flexibility, and ease of commissioning of Xicato’s solution is light years ahead of anything else I have seen.


Introducing the Xicato Intelligent Gateway (XIG)

Xicato today announces the early April availability of the Xicato Intelligent Gateway (XIG). Providing connectivity between a user LAN and the intelligent Bluetooth network, XIG provides a host of new benefits, including:

  • Expansion of the Xicato Intelligent Network across multiple floors, buildings, or campuses,
  • Remote, browser-based control of individual lights or lighting groups, including scene control
  • Interface with third party lighting control systems (such as the LumiFi system, as announced below) for remote 3rd party control
  • Interface with building management systems (BMS) such as MediaLON (see the Wadden Sea Centre article, above) for remote, real time management
  • Network timing distribution to maintain synchronization of scheduled lighting scenes
  • Distributed firmware updates to speed the deployment of new Xicato Intelligent Network features



Xicato Intelligent Gateway is a compact, lightweight, dedicated computing device that runs on 9-48V DC power from a 12V, 24V or 48V track or dedicated power supply. With Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity, it serves as a gateway between the Bluetooth lighting control and IoT domain and any protocol that can run over IP or Ethernet. 

Using the XIG is as easy as using the Internet. Just browse in using any standard browser on any computer or mobile device. XIG is as secure as your LAN, and the BLE network provides additional security. From your browser, you can see, monitor, and control all the Bluetooth devices visible to the XIG.

For software developers, or those wishing to connect Xicato lighting to an existing lighting control or building management system, XIG provides an optional HTTP interface, providing access to all the capabilities of the XIG. 



Xicato also provides an application programming interface (API), announced in February, with which 3rd party developers can build software that can access the full capabilities of the Xicato Intelligent Network, including commissioning, control, and detailed operational management.

XIG is part of an expanding ecosystem of devices that add value to the Bluetooth wireless network, including the XIM Gen4 itself, the Xicato Configuration Tool, and soon-to-be-announced sensors, drivers, and protocol-converting bridges.

Contact your Xicato representative for more information.


Xicato and LumiFi Partner for Multivendor Control

The first software vendor in the US to demonstrate compatibility with Xicato’s open API is LumiFi (www.lumifi.com). LumiFi is a wireless lighting control management platform integrating third party IoT-enabled lighting hardware manufacturers, across multiple wireless protocols, into one seamless lighting experience. 




LumiFi offers a simple, scalable, web-based control interface capable of controlling lighting systems from multiple vendors, in multiple locations, taking advantage of the individual capabilities of each system.

LumiFi offers an award-winning intuitive mobile interface that can be customized in appearance and tailored in functionality according to the project type. Its web management platform provides a central project and light management portal, including analytics, while its cloud hosting offers sharing of project and profile settings across multiple user roles, permissions or profile authorization codes.




“LumiFi has a very well-thought-out architecture and interface that simplifies the management of large numbers of lights, particularly in installations such as a hotel where there are common configurations between rooms, floors, and buildings,” commented Jay Shuler, Director of Product Marketing for Xicato. “Using templates and common scenes, LumiFi can make a single change that applies to all instances of, say, corridor lighting in one or more hotel facilities. This makes it highly scalable from both a commissioning and management standpoint.”


With the availability of the Xicato Intelligent Gateway (see above) and its open API, LumiFi software is now able to provide real-time lighting control and monitoring of XIM Gen4 devices, exercising the full capabilities of the XIG through the XIG HTTP interface.

“Development to the Xicato interface was very simple and straight-forward, and took just two weeks,” said Beatrice Witzgall, President and founder of LumiFi. “LumiFi can now control and monitor Xicato lighting as part of an overall lighting install, through a single, centralized control interface.”

Contact LumiFi at info@lumifi.com for more information, or your local Xicato representative for information about other Xicato software partners.


Events: Where to find Xicato

Mar 28-29

LEDucation, New York City, New York

Mar 29

SeaTac 2017, Carrera, Italy





Xicato presented at Society of Light and Lighting events in several locations, including Glasgow, Bristol and London. Those of you interested in the content from the SLL masterclasses can get the presentation by clicking on the link below.

Get SLL Masterclass Content


Get Hands-On Experience with Xicato XIM Gen4

More and more lighting designers, specifiers, and OEMs are getting familiar with wireless Bluetooth control, sensors and beacons using our XIM Gen4 Evaluation Kit. The XIM Gen4 development kit comes with two XIM Gen4 modules on heat sinks, with optics and power supply, a USB BLE dongle, and the Xicato Intelligent Sensor (XIS), which is a Bluetooth integrated sensor with passive infrared (PIR) motion sensing, lux sensing, temperature, humidity, and an accelerometer.

Making full use of the kit requires the Xicato Control Panel software for Windows, and the XIMtroller iOS software, both of which are free from Xicato and the Apple iTunes App Store. Click below for more information.


Order in The Americas


Order in Benelux & France


Order in the UK & Germany

Download XIMtroller iOS control software

Request Control Panel software

Rest of World can order from any of the above... local distribution coming soon!






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