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This month: Designer Series, Charlotte Tilbury, LET-Brunel Design Awards and more

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What's Inside

  • Charlotte Tilbury blends Beauty with Artistry
  • Introducing the Xicato Designer Series
  • Lighting Educational Trust / Brunel Design Award winner
  • Xicato to present at Strategies In Light and the LED Show
  • Menko de Roos to present at special event before SIL
  • Tech Talk: Understanding Reliability Metrics
  • Video Dessert: Philippe Morvan lighting sculpture!

CharlotteTilbury blends Beauty with Artistry




Charlotte Tilbury stiore. Lighting design by Nulty+. Xicato Beauty Series and Artist Series light sources.

Charlotte Tilbury is a world famous makeup artist with a client list that includes Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne, Naomi Campbell, Penelope Cruz, Amal Clooney and Natalie Portman. Charlotte has been featured in Vogue, Vanity Fair, GQ and many others. Her flagship store is in London's Covent Gardens.

The Westfield London emporium is the luxury makeup brand’s second and largest ever store, which has been designed to completely revolutionize the way people shop. The ‘Beauty Wonderland’ incorporates the latest digital innovations to provide a truly unique, interactive shopping experience, encased in Charlotte’s glamorous and extravagant, ‘Old Hollywood’ inspired interior.

Nulty+ lighting design was called upon to bring their artistry to the location. Nulty’s brief was to deliver lighting that reflected the fun, vibrant and luxurious character of the brand while responding to the need for bright, clear and authentic lighting at makeup stations.

Taking this one step further, Nulty blended two different types of the LED module together – the Xicato 3000K Artist Series and the Xicato 2700K Beauty Series – to create a set of sub-environments that provide the same authentic lighting in the appropriate tones for each area. Artist Series is the light source of choice for major museums and high end retailers worldwide, and provides rich, accurate, natural color. Xicato Beauty Series, developed with guidance from Nulty+, aims to produce the best balance between beautiful, natural skin tones and colour matching of foundation shades. Used throughout the store and at all makeup stations, the lighting provides customers with an honest and consistent shopping experience. 


Hollywood-style makeup mirrors feature Xicato Beauty Series and Artist Series lighting

One particular zone - the ‘Magic Mirror’ podium – includes a fully interactive camera screen that uses virtual makeup to show the customer how they would look when using different products. To ensure the camera could identify customers’ facial features correctly, Nulty used low-level lighting, positioned at face level, and downlights positioned above the head to provide the right facial illumination and ensure the lighting synchronised with the technology. 

Throughout the store, carefully positioned Lucent downlights draw focus to the products to make them ‘pop’, whilst the visual merchandising displays, with cabochon lighting that frames the archways to different areas, further emphasizes the main points of sale and adds to the Hollywood-style décor.

Claire Hamill, Lighting Designer at Nulty comments, “The Charlotte Tilbury brand is famous for its vibrancy and its high-quality products. Our lighting solution was designed to create a flawless brand experience. We wanted the in-store experience to match customers’ expectations and make sure visitors could engage with the merchandise and discover the exceptional quality of Charlotte Tilbury.”


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XSA-510 XIM Gen4 Evaluation Kit


Congratulations to LET / Brunel Product Design award winner - Valentina Dermarchi

The Lighting Education Trust (LET) is a charitable trust for “the advancement of public education in the subject of Lighting and Lighting Design and Engineering by funding such university degree courses and such other courses at any educational establishments as the Trustees shall from time to time decide”. Bob Venning chairs its Board of Management. Xicato is proud to be one of its sponsors.

The LET’s links with Brunel University go back 5 years.  The LET has assisted in putting a lighting design pathway together as an option in the final year Product Design course. This year 145 students working on a luminaire design project (from brief to working prototype) were given Intelligent Modules by Xicato alongside heatsinks, drivers, power supplies and other accessories by Mike Stoane Lighting, who also provided practical luminaire design guidance. 


A wide variety of designs compete for a certificate and a cash prize of £250 coming from the Lighting Education Trust. The top prize went to Valentina Dermarchi, who conceptualized the Atmo table lamp using Xicato XIM for a residential environment. The key innovation in her lamp was to encourage a tactile experience, in which she was able to combine the case, heat sink and handle as an integrated enclosure with considerations to Design for Disassembly.

“I would like to express all my gratitude for being selected and generously rewarded by you and the companies/association you represent,” wrote Valentina Dermarchi. “Atmo was possible thanks mainly to Brunel and your support, knowledge and inspiration, and I thank you for your precious acknowledgment. I will spend the last few months of my exchange program to focus on Atmo, improving it according to a proper and structured strategy.”


Award winner Valentina Dermarchi with judges Dave Hollingsbee of Mike Stoane Lighting, Roger Sexton of Xicato, and Bob Venning, LET. 

From Bob Venning: “We are indebted to Xicato and Mike Stoane Lighting for the time and effort that they have put into this year's project and we are very happy to announce that they have offered their active sponsorship and support for the project for another year. If there are other companies that are interested in helping to provide lighting education to the next generation of lighting students, then please contact the LET through let@cibse.org.”






Xicato to Present on Three Topics at Strategies In Light

Jay Shuler, Xicato's Director of Marketing, will be presenting in three sessions at the Strategies In Light and LED Show in Anaheim California on the afternoon of March 1st.

Jay and Naomi Miller of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) will be explaining the causes and effects of Flicker and the IEEE 1789 standard in two different tracks and sessions. 

Jay, Michael Poplawski of PNNL, and Ethan Biery of Lutron will be expaining the requirements, attributes, strengths and weaknesses of the different wireless protocols on Wireless Communications Protocols in the Connected Lighting track. This will include demonstrations of lighting control based on both low frequency and Bluetooth Low Energy.

Menko de Roos, Xicato's co-founder and CEO, will be speaking during the Investors Conference on Tuesday, February 28th.


Tuesday, February 28

8:45 - 5:00 Investor Forum
Menko de Roos

Wednesday March 1

Track 2: Technology Innovation to Support Market Growth
1:15 - 1:45: The Evolution of Flicker
Jay Shuler and Naomi Miller

Track 4: The LED Show
2:15 - 2:45: Understanding Flicker and the New IEEE 1789-2015 Standard
Jay Shuler and Naomi Miller

Track 3: Will All Lighting Become Connected?
3:30 - 5:00: Panel: Wireless Communications Protocols
Jay Shuler, Michael Poplawski and Ethan Biery

Join us! And be sure to say hello!

Xicato CEO, Menko de Roos to present on Smart Lighting before SIL


Join Menko de Roos, CEO and co-founder of Xicato, for cocktails and conversation at The Center: Light & Technology in Anaheim on Monday, February 27th -- the evening before Strategies In Light opens.  

Menko will be presenting "From Smart Phones to Smart Lights", a class certified for AIA CES credit.  This course discusses what makes a light "smart", draws parallels to other industries, evaluates opporutnities for enhanced environments, and helps you understand and overcome potential roadblocks to adoption.

Click Here to Register

The Details

WHEN: Monday, February 27th, 5:00 - 8:00 PM

WHERE: The Center, 3340 El La Palma Ave, Anaheim, CA 92806

QUALIFIES: Certified by the AIA for CES credits

RSVP: Brandon McGurer at TheCenter@IntenseLighting.com


Tech Talk: Understanding Reliability Metrics

L, B and F

LED reliability terminology can seem cryptic to those not directly involved in LED manufacturing. The most common set of specifications uses L and B, such as “50,000 hours, L70/B50”, where the L stands for Lumens – the percentage lumen maintenance threshold – and you can think of B as meaning “Bad” – the percentage of the population of units that are allowed to exceed that threshold over the stated period. Therefore, 50,000h L70/B50 means that no more than 50% of a population of units will have depreciated below 70% of their original output within 50,000 hours. 70% is often chosen because that is the point at which the average human eye can begin to detect a difference between two sources shining side-by-side, such as a newly replaced unit amongst a group of older units. This is important because inconsistent lumen output often compels expensive group replacements, to make everything look the same.

But the B number does not account for catastrophic failures. In other words, L70/B50 means that no more than half of the units that do not fail catastrophically will be below 70% of original lumens. This is where the F rating comes into play. F stands for Failure either catastrophic or through lumen depreciation.




10,000 hour LM-80 lumen maintenance for entire population of independently tested Xicato 5000LM Standard Series products. Notice that some units "burn in" and actually get brighter for several thousand hours. This is not unusual for high quality LEDs.

Defining "Failure"

But there is a third, usually unaccounted way that a lighting installation can fail – color shift. Color shift can be even more offensive than lumen depreciation. Delta u'v' (or du'v') is frequently used as a measure of color shift. It should be noted that this measure only describes the amount of color shift – distance, not direction. Two parts can both have a du'v' of 0.003, but if one shifts pink and the other green, the difference between them can be as large as 0.006. This is totally unacceptable to most end users, much less lighting designers, and it is absolutely possible that two parts from the same manufacturer will shift in opposite directions. But most manufacturer warranties make no claims at all about color shift.

So Failure should really include catastrophic failure, lumen depreciation, and color shift.


Xicato color change in both CCT and Duv at maximum current and temperature over 10khrs of entire population of tested units. LM80 testing by BACL, 2016. Notice that even after 10khrs, all of the modules were still well within Xicato's 1x2 MacAdam ellipse initial specification, and all moved in the same direction.

B0 vs. B50

Now, let’s think about the number for a minute. Do you really think it is okay for nearly half of your units to fail within the warranty period? What kind of warranty is that? How about B10 (10%)? Is that okay? Do you really want to be replacing 1 out of every 10 luminaires before the warranty is up? And under what conditions is the warranty valid?

Xicato guarantees 70% lumen maintenance after 50,000 hours (XIM) or 5 years (XTM), for every single module. This is a B0 and F0 statement. Similarly, Xicato warrants that any 2 modules will not differ more in color than 3McAdam ellipses, also a B0 and F0 statement. No failures. Of any kind.

Furthermore, Xicato life predictions are worst case predictions. Xicato provides stability over life predictions at maximum temperature and maximum current (power) rating. It is up to the fixture makers, when incorporating Xicato modules, to ensure that the actual conditions stay within the maximum current and temperature envelope. 

Preventing Failure

To ensure long life, Xicato XIM products contain integrated sensors and electronics that enhance stability over life in multiple ways. For example, XIM automatically reduces its LED current if the LED reaches its specified maximum temperature, eliminating the risk of shortened life due to overheating. In addition, XIM counts its operating hours. This enables a true 50,000h warranty, as opposed to the common year-based warranty. Should a unit fail, it has its operating hours and temperature diagnostics saved to its memory to confirm whether it is within warranty.

Our XIM Gen4 products report their operating status on a regular basis over a Bluetooth Low Energy wireless network. This allows facilities managers to proactively manage situations that might shorten the life of a luminaire. This data includes current LED and driver temperature, input voltage, and total operating hours. it also includes input voltage and ripple, which can provide clues to power issues and power supply health that might lead to failure. 

To provide long term stability, Xicato has focused first on color stability. It is often easier to notice small color differences than it is to see small light output differences, making color consistency and stability more important to the appearance of a lighting installation. Fortunately, ensuring good color stability also ensures good light output stability. It does not necessarily work the other way around.




For good color stability, it is fundamental that the phosphors and the encapsulants that are used in an LED package remain at a relatively low temperature. Under operation, both the blue LED chips and phosphor particles generate heat. By placing the phosphor remotely from the LED chips, and by using carefully selected materials and an optimized design, Xicato efficiently cools the phosphor particles and their encapsulant. As a result, the phosphor temperatures are substantially lower than in a comparable LED package. 

Because of the importance of phosphor temperature for the stability of the LED, Xicato defines its operating temperature (Tc) measurement point on the ring that supports the phosphors. It is common for LED manufacturers to define chip junction or package case as the temperature reference point. The problem with this approach that the critical phosphor temperature is not directly known, and can be as much as 15'C to 40'C higher than the referenced temperature.

Reporting and Evaluating

Xicato believes that it is not good engineering practice to report lifetime data based on statistics like percentiles, average, or median. For example, would you walk across a river that is on average 1m deep? Or one that is for 95% of its width not deeper than 1m? It is obviously more important to know its maximum depth before deciding to walk across. Similarly, Xicato reports the maximum color shift between any two parts and the maximum light output reduction of any single part, instead of averages, medians or percentiles.

The Xicato Specification

Xicato's warranty guarantees that your lit environment stays beautiful for the life of the installation. This includes initial color point consistency, lumen maintenance, and color consistency over time at MAXIMUM drive current and temperature. In the case of the XIM, it also includes the LED driver, which is integrated into the unit!

Warranty: 5 years (XCA/XTM). 7 years or 50,000 hours (XIM) verifiable by internal data collection in each module, on EVERY module (B0/F0). 

  • Initial color consistency: 1x2 MacAdam ellipse (SDCM)
  • Lumen maintenance: L70/B0/F0
  • Color maintenance: units will remain within 3 SDCM of each other
  • XIM: integrated deep dimming driver
  • XIM Gen4: Integrated driver and Bluetooth control module

Happy New Year to our friends in China! It's the Year of the Rooster - the year 4715 in the Chinese calendar. Relax and enjoy best wishes from Xicato.


Amazing Light Artistry using XTM

Click on the video below to see a wonderful, dynamic light sculpture

  • Artist : Philippe Morvan
  • Video and Music : Baptiste Molliard
  • Technical realization and programming : Julien Gremel
  • Technical support : Les Éclairagistes Associés (LEA) 
  • Drivers : Eldoled via Soliled
  • Light Sources : Xicato XTM Artist via Luxendi





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