Xicato introduceert de nieuwe Beauty series.

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 Xicato   |   November 2015     Newsletter
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Beauty that Radiates

Introducing Beauty Series from Xicato

Developed in collaboration with lighting designers and leading cosmetology professionals and backed by independent research, Xicato Beauty Series is a remarkable light source that makes people look and feel exceptional.

Studies show that moods and confidence are enhanced when people feel better about themselves, and when they enjoy how they feel, they engage in their environment and stay longer. Xicato Beauty Series is designed to bring out the natural beauty of skin tones and captures outer radiance and inner confidence.
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Xicato Beauty Series light is featured in a global cosmetics brand retail stores.

Backed by Industry Research

The Xicato Beauty Series LED module was created and evaluated alongside other light sources in a cosmetics study by University College London,Nulty+ Lighting DesignXicato, and a major global cosmetics brand. Beauty Series emerged from extensive trials as the light source that best balanced the accurate color discrimination required when matching foundation to skin tone, with the comfortable warmth of incandescent. Participants in the study reported feeling better and looking better under Beauty Series, and rated the light as the best overall.

Cosmetic store managers and customers in which Beauty Series is installed have commented on how soft and natural the light feels, while at the same time making it easier to choose and apply makeup. It eliminates the need to place workstations near windows or go outside to accurately assess makeup on skin.

Click here to read the full research report.

New Series, Same Xicato Quality and Reliability

Xicato’s Corrected Cold Phosphor Technology® makes it possible to precisely tune the Beauty Series spectrum to deliver extraordinary clarity and fidelity with a warm, flattering ambience that is perfect not only for cosmetics concessions, but also for other retail and hospitality applications. The Beauty Series carries Xicato’s industry leading 5-year warranty on both lumen maintenance (L70/B0) and color maintenance (≤ 0.003 Δu’v’).

Beauty Series joins Xicato’s Artist Series®, Vibrant Series® and Standard Series, and is available today in Xicato’s XTM LED module with 19mm light emitting surface, in 1300 lumen and 2000 lumen options. With a long list of compatible reflectors, heat sinks, and drivers, the Beauty Series is ready for integration with spotlight, flood and downlight fixtures.

Click here to view the Beauty Series data sheet.

Click here to view the XTM specification table.

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XSM/ XLM Einde van de productie

Door de introductie van de XTM en de XIM module families, hebben reeds vele van onze klanten hun toestellen aangepast naar deze nieuwe generatie van LED modules.

Hierdoor zijn de orderhoeveelheden voor XSM sterk gedaald en wordt de productie gestopt.

Laatste orderintake op 30 april. Laatste productiedag 30 mei.

We hebben nog XSM en XLM modules zolang de voorraad strekt.