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Lumen Awards Gala

Case Study 

Understanding Flicker

LED & Lighting Specifications

Xicatoman Success at 
LFI 2015

Xicato in the Media

Updated Literature

New Product Releases

Roll Out The Red Carpet
2015 Lumen Awards Gala
By, Megan Carroll, 
Director of Sales East

Xicato supported the 47th Annual Lumen Gala June 18th in NYC. The Lumen Awards, which showcases excellence in lighting design, is the oldest international lighting design awards program in North America. Megan Carroll, Xicato’s Director of Sales, East serves as Chairwoman and Mistress of Ceremonies. The Gala is one of the most celebrated events of the industry with more than 800 guests attending – from as far away as Australia or as close as mid-town Manhattan. Lighting designers from New York City submitted just over 100 projects, each submitted and judged anonymously. Fourteen projects were awarded the prestigious Lumen Award.

Click here to read more about this.


  Kugler Ning wins a Lumen Award.

Suzanne Tillotson receives a Lumen Award.



Heals Building
London, England

Luminaire Manufacturer  
Designed Architectural Lighting

Lighting Designer
Richard Gillett & GIA Equation

Furniture store Heal's has been a feature of London's Tottenham Court Road since 1818. Last year the building was refurbished and the principle engineer, Richard Gillett developed the lighting design in partnership with GIA Equation. Gillett specified lighting fixtures from Designed Architectural Lighting (DAL) and chose Xicato LED modules for their accurate color rendering, color consistency and five year warranty.

Click this link to read more about this case study.


Understanding Stroboscopic Effects (Flicker)
By, Gerard Harbers,
Chief Technology Officer &

Flicker of a light is the fast variation in output of a lamp over time and can be characterized by its dominant frequency and modulation depth (the variation between the maximum and minimum intensity). Whether flicker is directly visible depends largely on the dominant frequency. When the frequency is relative low below 90Hz - or 90 modulations per second - flicker is visible for most people under most conditions. 

At higher frequencies, flicker may no longer be directly visible but can be detected with fast eye or head movements or by moving objects quickly. This phenomenon is also known as stroboscopic effects.  

Sunlight has no flicker and incandescent and halogen lights have minimal flicker either as they are thermal radiators and have a relatively long persistence, due to the thermal capacity of the tungsten filament. Gas discharge lamps such as fluorescent lights and solid state light sources such as LEDs and lasers have no or very short persistence by nature, which means that their ballasts and drivers need to supply a stable or high frequency power to the lamp to avoid flicker

Click to read more on this topic.


See how Xicato XIM performs against others. Contact us for a FREE Xicato Flicker Wheel.


LED and Lighting Specifications
By, Lindsay Stefans, 
Business Development Manager of
North America

Lighting professionals incorporate tight specifications into their projects in order to maintain the integrity of the project, the goals of their customer as well as the beauty and quality of the environment. A designer or engineer may begin a project very early in the conceptual stage. As the design progresses and various disciplines coordinate their efforts within a building or landscape design the pieces of the puzzle start to fit together.

And as any lighting specifier knows, there are so many pieces. These pieces form a complete lighting system which continues to live on long after the construction is complete. A lighting system can be likened to a living bio-system.  It is changing, responding, and interacting with the occupants and the space.

Specifications that are clear and precise save time and resources and can significantly contribute to a proper bidding process. By including performance data, specifiers will have a higher likelihood of the most appropriate lighting tools purchased for the project that are aligned with the design intent, and not left to pass 

through many hands that are not as familiar with the intent, nor have the vested interest in the client’s needs as the specifier does. 

Read more about Xicato recommended specifications below. If you would like a wallet size laminated version of Xicato Specification Recommendations, please contact us


Color Quality Performance 

Color Rendering Index (CRI) and Gamut Area Index (GAIBB

-Vibrant Series® V95, very high rendering for striking color – CRI (Ra) 98, R9≥90, R15≥95 and GAIBB of 120 
-Vibrant Series® V80, striking color – CRI (Ra) 83, R9 16, R12 62 and GAIBB of 111
-Artist Series®, very high color rendering for natural color – CRI (Ra) 98, R9≥90, R15≥95 and GAIBB of 109  
-Standard Series, normal rendering for accurate color – CRI (Ra) 83 and GAIBB of 97 

Color Consistency Performance

Initial Color Consistency within 1 x 2 MacAdam Ellipses

-Every light source shall be within a 1 x 2 MacAdam Ellipses (1x2 SDCM)
-Flux and color point tuned at case temperature 70˚C

Color Consistency within 3 MacAdam Ellipses (C3) at 50,000 Hours

-LM-80 data shall show ∆u’v’ < 0.003 at 6,000 hrs. at max operating drive current and max case temperature (suggested ≥90˚C)

Click to read more about additional Xicato Recommended Specifications.


Xicato Man Squared Off with the Light Destroyers and
Triumphed at Lightfair 2015 in NYC


Lightfair was a successful and unique experience for the staff at Xicato as well as the thousands that came by and witnessed our dimming, narrow-beam 9mm XTM, flicker, color rendering and bluetooth demonstrations. We gave away thousands of comicbooks, tattoos and flicker wheels. The big hit was our off-broadway production of "Xicato Man Battles the Evil Light Destroyers". Hundreds of attendees saw our show and many expressed their positive reviews on what they learned as well as the quality of the theatrics.

Our exhibit and presence also brought us the much coveted "Best Booth Award".  Congratulations and special thanks to our staff, partners and participants. 

If you would like a Xicato Man comicbook or Xicato flicker wheel please contact us. 

Watch the video of our fearless caped crusaders taking on the Light Destroyers with Xicato Man.


Xicato In the Media

Menko Deroos interview with Edison Report

LEDs now triumph over other lamps in color performance

John Yriberri interview about Xicato Man and the Light Destroyers at LFI 2015

Megan Carroll interview at the IESNYC Lumen Gala



Updated Literature


XTM 9mm LES - Artist Series - Datasheet

XTM 9mm LES - Vibrant Series V80 - Datasheet

XTM 9mm LES - Vibrant Series V95 - Datasheet

XTM 9mm LES- Standard Series - Datasheet

XTM 9mm Reflector Matrix

XTM 9mm LES - Sell Sheet


New Product Releases

XTM 9mm - V95, Artist Series, 2000lm
XTM 19mm - V95, 2700k, 1300lm 
XTM 19mm - V95, 2700k, 2000lm

XTM 45mm Holder
XIM 19mm - V95, Artist Series, 2000lm
XIM 19mm - V80, Standard Series, 3000lm
XIM 9mm - V95, Artist Series, 700lm
XIM 9mm - V95, Artist Series, 1300lm
XIM 9mm - V80, Standard Series, 700lm
XIM 9mm - V80, Standard Series, 1300lm
XIM 9mm - V80, Standard Series, 2000lm


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