Xicato publie les données IES TM-30-15 couleurs pour ses modules.

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Xicato Publishes IES TM-30-15
Color Rendering Data for Its Modules

SAN JOSE, Calif., September 23, 2015 – Xicato®, a leading manufacturer of intelligent light sources, published today on its website TM-30-15 Color Rendering results for its entire product range of XTM and XIM modules.

TM-30-15 is a new method for quantifying color rendering properties of light sources that was recently published by the Illuminating Engineering Society. It distinguishes both color fidelity and color gamut and provides a framework for interpreting chroma and hue shift associated with light sources.

“At Xicato we are very supportive of TM-30-15 overall and recognize the need for an improved metric system along these two dimensions. We have always been at the forefront of educating the marketplace and have created a lot of awareness around color rendering and the rendering metrics, going beyond just CRI and talking about R9, GAI and other individual indices as well. It is not easy to find a manufacturer who has done more than Xicato to effectively and honestly educate the market. We will continue to do so and moving forward will include TM-30-15 in our education materials,” says Menko de Roos, CEO of Xicato.

Xicato’s different color rendering series continue to stand out when their properties are quantified within the TM-30-15 framework. Xicato Artist Series® was developed to represent the lit effect of halogen and has a color fidelity score (Rf) of 96 and a color gamut score (Rg) of 102. Xicato Vibrant Series® shows its ability to increase chroma with an Rg of 106 while not compromising accurate color rendering as is demonstrated by an Rf of 93.

While TM-30-15 is a substantial step forward in quantifying color rendering, it should be noted that the consistency and long term stability of the light source color point is critical for consistent and uniform appearance of lightly colored and white objects. Xicato continues to lead the industry in this area as well with its 1x2 MacAdam ellipse color consistency specification and unique 5 year warranty on color shift less than du’v’ of 0.003.

About Xicato

Xicato® designs and develops light sources and electronics that enable architects, designers and building managers to create beautiful, smart spaces in which people love to live and work. With thousands of installations around the globe, Xicato continues to be a leading supplier of high quality lighting solutions. Xicato is defining the future of intelligent light sources by integrating electronics, software and connectivity.

Founded in 2007, Xicato’s headquarters and manufacturing is based in Silicon Valley and the company has offices in China, Japan, Europe and the US. For further information visit www.xicato.com.

For additional information, contact:

Debra Early

Marketing Communications Manager
Xicato, Inc.
+1 408.510.0223



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Après L'introduction des modules XTM et XIM  beaucoup de nos clients ont déjà adapté leurs appareils pour acceuillir ces nouvelles générations de modules LED.
Les quantités de commandes sont fortement réduites et comme suite le parduction sera arrêtée.

Dernière prise de commandes le 30 Avril. Dernier jour de la production 30 mai 2016
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