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This month: Van Gogh Museum, BXR Gym, MacOS Control Panel, and more!

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Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Lighting design by Frnk Hulsebosch and Henk van der Geest. Luminaires by Mike Stoane Lighting and High Technology Lighting. XIM Gen4 light sources, sensors, gateways and software by Xicato. Photography by Jan Kees Steenman.

What's Inside

  • Van Gogh Museum Conserves Energy... and Art
  • Anthony Joshua's BXR Gym goes Industrial Chic
  • New Xicato Control Panel now on Windows and MacOS
  • Introducing the Xicato Intelligent Gateway Administration Panel
  • XIM goes Under My Umbrella at Vivid in Sydney
  • Xicato Application and Luminaire Galleries Continue to Grow
  • What can YOU do with XIM Gen4? How to get an Evaluation Kit and Software






Van Gogh Museum Conserves Energy... and Art

The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam is host to the world’s largest collection of works by Vincent van Gogh, as well as traveling exhibitions of other artists and collections.

Since January, 2017, the museum institute has been converting approximately 1300 light points, including the lighting of the Mesdag Collection in The Hague, to Xicato Intelligent Modules with Bluetooth control (XIM Gen4). The work has been done entirely after hours, with absolutely no disruption to the visitor experience, and without moving or replacing the existing lighting infrastructure. No new track. No wires. No holes in the wall. No dust. The results are significant savings in energy and maintenance. But the big benefit is Conservation.

Mission: Conservation

How do you ensure that visitors can still enjoy Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” 500 years from now?

Light degrades the dyes used in paintings and tapestries, and even affects the color and finish of wood in carved objects and furniture. Museums carefully calculate and control the amount of light exposure each artwork receives to balance the mission of public display against the need for conservation, and to minimize the frequency of restoration work. By calculating lux-hours and by knowing the spectral power distribution (SPD) of the display lighting, museums can determine how many hours, days and weeks a work can be displayed, and how brightly it should be illuminated. 


Van Gogh, "Bedroom in Arles" before light degradation (simulated)


Van Gogh "Bedroom in Arles" today, after light damage.

Like many museums, the Van Gogh is often open after hours for special events, the rental income contributing to the general funds of operating the museum. Unfortunately, after-hours events increase the light exposure of artworks, contributing to degradation, especially when lighting is controlled by simple on/off switches. The Van Gogh found that their paintings were degrading faster than expected – or desired.

The move to Xicato began as almost 5 years ago, when Domenico Casillo, who manages the museum lighting, saw a presentation where Xicato demonstrated its Artist Series lighting. The Artist Series generates light that not only matches the color rendering quality of halogen lighting, but – even among LED solutions – is also less damaging because it radiates less energy in the harmful, high-energy blue-violet and UV spectrum.

After that, Domenico was determined that the museum would someday move to LEDs and Xicato.

The final decision to purchase XIM Gen4 was made at a June 2016 event at the Van Gogh Museum where Kees van den Meiracker, Head of Collections, and Henk van der Geest, their lighting consultant, saw a sophisticated demonstration of Bluetooth control, monitoring, sensors, and beacons. They realized XIM Gen4 could provide uncompromised light quality and visitor experience, while absolutely minimizing light exposure. So the museum formed a phased plan. Mike Stoane Lighting provided the luminaires, and Xicato provided the modules.

Phase One: Keep It Simple

To minimize disruption, phase one of the installation involved simply replacing the existing halogen track lighting with Mike Stoane Lighting TTX2.70 fixtures containing Xicato XIM 9mm Artist Series intelligent LED modules (XIM09953013A6A). These modules are capable of both 0-10V and Bluetooth control.

After museum operating hours, two employees mounted the new units to the existing track – one on the ladder, aiming the light and setting the light level with a standard 0-10V potentiometer, the other on the ground with a light meter to check the setting. The crew installed approximately 100 units each evening. In the initial phase, lights are controlled using EnOcean energy harvesting BLE switches to independently switch the art lights and house lighting zones for cleaning. Lights are turned off at night using standard on/off power switches.

Phase Two: Add Sensors

In the next phase, the museum is adding Xicato intelligent motion and lux sensors (XIS) and programming the lights to respond to scheduling, occupancy and ambient light levels, to further reduce both energy and light exposure. Individual luminaire programming is done using Xicato Control Panel software, and the programmed settings – including secure network, group and scene membership, scene settings, and individualized sensor responses – are stored in each Xicato module, eliminating the need for centralized controllers or hubs. The lights themselves contain their individual schedules, listen to sensors, switches, and app commands, and make independent decisions about how to respond.

Phase Three: Central Management

Like a little computer, XIM stores configuration and status information about itself, including module type, hardware and firmware revision, its programmed maximum flux level, control interfaces (e.g. Bluetooth + 0-10V, or Bluetooth + DALI), total operating hours, on/off cycles, and histograms of its lifetime intensity and temperature states. Of course, the module also stores it network, group and scene membership, as well as its programmed settings.

Luminaire manufacturers can, at the factory, program the module with a maximum flux level (for instance, to keep it within the thermal capacity of the heat sink), as well as with their company name, the luminaire module number and serial number, and other information.

In addition, XIM periodically broadcasts information about its immediate operating status, including intensity (dim percentage), temperature, input voltage and ripple, and overall status.

Xicato Intelligent Sensors (XIS) also broadcast sensor data into the Bluetooth network. Occupancy, lux levels, temperature, and humidity can be used not only to control lighting, but to remotely monitor the room for the purposes of environmental control or – of particular interest to the Van Gogh – lux-hour tracking on individual paintings.


Mike Stoane Lighting TTX2.70 luminaire, illuminating Van Gogh's "Sunflowers"

All of this data can be collected via Bluetooth, either locally by a PC, Mac, or mobile device, or remotely over the LAN by use of a Xicato Intelligent Gateway (XIG). The Van Gogh expects to deploy XIG in order to enable lux-hour management, to proactively monitor and manage the luminaires, and to remotely control lighting from the Reception desk.


So far, the Van Gogh loves the lighting quality and the energy savings, and is delighted at how quickly and inexpensively they have been able to deploy controlled lighting. Urban Larsson, A Swedish artist whose work is being exhibited at the Mesdag, was astounded by the light quality, and confesses, “I have never before seen my paintings looking so good!” The museum Director is extremely pleased with the energy savings, and is looking forward eagerly to realizing even more savings once the sensors are installed.

Download the Complete Case Study in PDF format



Industrial Chic at London's new BXR Gym





Anthony Joshua's BXR Gym, London. Studio Webb, Architects. Lighting design by Peter Fordham of DHA Designs. Luminaires by Factorylux. Photography by Gilles Bonugli Kali. Light sources by Xicato Artist and Standard Series.

BXR is the first high-end boutique boxing gym to open in London and is set to revolutionise the capital’s fitness scene. It is backed by IBF, WBA and IBO Heavyweight Champion Anthony Joshua, and is London’s first fitness facility to operate a members-only gym as well as a pay-to-train boutique fitness concept, in an attempt to bridge the gap between the two. The lighting scheme was developed by Peter Fordham of DHA designs

Factorylux were DHA Designs’ first choice: their industrial style fixture detailing fitted in well with the chic New York / Fight Club spin on the BXR interiors. But above all, their use of Xicato LED modules ensured colour quality, consistency and dimming stability in all of their fixtures. In particular, Artist Series was used to bring out the rich colors in the woods and make people look healthy while they work out.

"Unbelievable commercial opportunities are created when designers bathe humans in superior quality light," emphasized Peter Fordham. "People are at the gym to get healthy and strong, and they want others to notice. Artist Series makes them feel great and it keeps them coming back."

And BXR's commercial muscle has certainly been pumped up by Peter's lighting scheme, using Factorylux luminaires, which has established BXR as the most photographed gym space in London.

Peter continued, "When choosing the lighting manufacturer for BXR London, there was only one company who could deliver industrial chic to complement the interiors and combine it with the quality and reliability of Xicato LED technology. That choice, of course, was Factorylux."


Xicato Control Panel now on both Windows and MacOS




Xicato Control Panel Dashboard tab provides an "at a glance" view of active devices, along with several key operating parameters and overall device status. Red indicates an alarm. Yellow indicates a potential issue.

The Indispensible Tool

The Xicato Control Panel application is now available on both Windows (7 or higher) and MacOS (Sierra and higher) platforms. The Control Panel provides access to the full functionality of the XIM Gen4 and related products, and is designed to provision, program, commission, monitor,  control, and update the devices. With Control Panel you can:

Create and configure

  • individual device IDs and names
  • secure networks
  • groups
  • scenes
  • schedules
  • sensor responses



The Settings tab allows the creation of Secure Networks, Groups and Scenes, as well as several settings of the Control Panel application itself.

Set operating parameters

  • Status transmission frequency and signal strength
  • Beacon transmission frequency and signal strength
  • Power On mode, level, and fade time
  • Dimming curve (logarithmic or linear)
  • Maximum and minimum commandable intensity (0.1% to 100%)

Program Bluetooth beacons into the lights

  • Apple iBeacons
  • AltBeacons
  • Eddystone-URL beacons



The Beacon configuration screen. Each XIM module can transmit one iBeacon, one Eddystone beacon, AND one AltBeacon, at independently configurable intervals. 

Monitor operating data

  • Intensity
  • Power consumption
  • LED and PCB (driver) temperature
  • Input voltage
  • Voltage ripple
  • Total operating hours
  • Recieved Signal Strength Indication (RSSI)
  • Overall Status
  • DALI Short Address
  • Commanded on/off cycles
  • Power on/off cycles
  • Lifetime intensity histogram
  • Lifetime temperature histogram



Control Panel: Log Tab. XIM Gen4 stores real-time and historical operating data inside the module, and can share the data with mobile or desktop apps. 

Immediately control individual lights or lighting groups


The Light Control tab allows users to smoothly dim lights and lighting groups, and to command preset scenes.

The Control Panel can also perform Over The Air updates of XIM and sensor (XIS) firmware.

For a demonstration of XIM Gen4 and the Control Panel software, contact Xicato or your local Xicato authorized distributor.

Contact Xicato


Contact Your Local Distributor

Xicato Control Panel software is available free of charge directly from Xicato. Look to the bottom of this newsletter for how to request an XIM Evaluation Kit and software.


New - Xicato Intelligent Gateway (XIG) Administration Panel

For those who have purchased one or more Xicato Intelligent Gateways to scale their systems, enable remote control and monitoring, and/or provide protocol conversion between a legacy control system or BMS and the Xicato Bluetooth control domain, the XIG Admin Panel is a simple software application that runs on Windows or MacOS that allows configuration and management of the gateways themselves.


The XIG Admin Panel runs on PC/Windows or MacOS computers.

The XIG Admin Panel allows administrators to start and kill the gateway, reboot the system, update XIG software and firmware, add a secure network key (to determine which lights, sensors and other devices are visible to the XIG), set the local time zone, create or change user and administrator IDs and passwords, get logs, and several other configiuration parameters.

The XIG Admin Panel is available free of charge from Xicato. Contact us to request the download.


XIM goes Under My Umbrella at Vivid in Sydney

Unquestionably the most unique, artistic, and complex application of XIM Gen4 technology so far is on display on Kendall Lane at The Rocks, the historical birthplace of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Part of the "Vivid Sydney: Light, Music & Ideas" festival, Under My Umbrella "invites you to dream and dance under a glowing canopy as it sways gently in the wind."

Under My Umbrella was created by the Beam Collective, which includes Bettina Easton of E-Lux, Colin Shum of Medland Metropolis Engineering, Grace Tham of HASSELL Studio, and Ales Vasenda of 3S Lighting, with help from Webster Chu of Xicato. It uses 50 XIM Gen4 modules in custom fixtures (the umbrellas), activated by scheduling, 4 motion sensors, and the unique programming features of the XIM. Ambient light is provided by Xicato XTM modules.

Each XIM module has its own programming. During show hours, the XIMs are programmed to respond with a unique delay and flashing rate to create the impression that the umbrellas are flashing randomly. When visitors walk underneath the canopy of umbrellas, they trigger a more organized, sequential pattern of light, which times out to a fixed lighting level before timing out again to pseudo-random flashing. This involved programming the sensor state machine in the XIM to track time of day, occupancy, delay times and fade times, and time-out periods, transitioning in highly planned ways between the 4 basic behavioral states.





Under My Umbrella, at the Vivid Festival in Sydney, Australia.

What Under My Umbrella demonstrates is the power of the XIM distributed intelligence architecture. There was no central controller or hub. No cumbersome DMX wiring. All of the programming is in the lights themselves, which act autonomously in response to the various independent inputs.

What it also demonstrates is the brilliance and incredible creativity of our Lighting Designer and luminaire manufacturing partners, in this case Bettina and 3S lighting. Thanks, folks, for letting us participate. 

Vivid runs from May 26 to June 17. Admission is free.


Xicato Galleries Continues to Grow, with Beautiful New XIM Gen4 Luminaires and Installations

Get inspired by the Xicato Galleries! This is already the most frequently visited area of our website, but now you have even more incentive, as we have added luminaires and installations that incorporate our new XIM Gen4 and other Xicato smart lighting products.

The Applications Gallery includes photos, descriptions, and credits to the designers and manufacturers. 

The Luminaires Gallery includes a listing includes luminaire descriptions, photos and links to the manufacturers' websites. 

Both galleries are expanding rapidly, so keep an eye on them!

Visit the Applications Gallery


Visit the Luminaires Gallery



What can YOU do with Xicato XIM Gen4?

More and more lighting designers, specifiers, and OEMs are getting familiar with wireless Bluetooth control, sensors and beacons using our XIM Gen4 Evaluation Kit. The XIM Gen4 development kit comes with two XIM Gen4 modules on heat sinks, with optics and power supply, a USB BLE dongle, and the Xicato Intelligent Sensor (XIS), which is a Bluetooth integrated sensor with passive infrared (PIR) motion sensing, lux sensing, temperature, humidity, and an accelerometer.

Making full use of the kit requires the Xicato Control Panel software for Windows, and the XIMtroller iOS software, both of which are free from Xicato and the Apple iTunes App Store. Click below for more information.


Order in The Americas


Order in Benelux & France


Order in the UK and Germany

Download XIMtroller iOS control software

Request Control Panel software

Rest of World can order from any of the above... local distribution coming soon!






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