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This month: New installations, products, people, and video!

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Optik Plessin flagship store, Villach, Austria. Lighting design by Thomas Oberzaucher, OZ lighting.
Fixtures by OZ lighting. Photography by Adrian Hipp.
Light sources by Xicato XTM Beauty Series and Vibrant Series V95.

What's Inside

  • Optik Plessin is Looking Good with Beauty and Vibrant Series
  • More Light! XIM now comes in 3000 lumen Artist and Vibrant V95
  • Proliad Lights the Rotterdam "De Hef" Vertical Lift Bridge (Video)
  • Beautiful New XIM Gen4 Luminaires and Installations Now in the Xicato Gallery
  • Video: Xicato Color Consistency
  • Introducing Oliver Weiss, Xicato Northern Europe, UK and DACH
  • Events: Where to find us



Optik Plessin is Looking Good with Beauty and Vibrant Series

Optik Plessin is a full service optometry and eyeglass retailer whose mission is to be the best if not the largest optician in Europe. Optik Plessin offers a huge assortment of international brands, trend brands and selected designers for both sunglasses and frames, as well as contact lenses.

In designing their store, lighting designer Thomas Oberzaucher, Managing Director of OZ lighting, was seeking to present the different products in their best light, while providing an atmosphere in the store that was both comfortable and flattering to customers.

Using OZ lighting fixtures, Thomas selected Xicato Vibrant Series V95 to illuminate the products with high color rendering and enhanced color gamut, resulting in clean, crisp whites and bright colors.

For the ceiling lights, Thomas chose Xicato Beauty Series, a color formula designed in collaboration with lighting designers and a leading cosmetic brand to bring out the subtle beauty of skin tones while minimizing the appearance of skin imperfections.

The compatible combination of Vibrant and Beauty Series in the Optik Plessin store provides optimum illumination of both products and people… smooth facial color, and an overall clean, fresh look in the store.

The results are apparent to store customers. “Customers compliment the very light and free atmosphere in the shop,” remarked Peppo Oberzaucher, CEO of OZ lighting. “Optik Plessin appreciated the very high efficiency of the lighting, and we really appreciated the excellent support of Gerhard Rieser, our Xicato representative.”


More Light! XIM now comes in 3000 Lumen Artist and Vibrant V95

Xicato is happy to announce that the Xicato Intelligent Module (XIM) Artist Series and Vibrant V90 Series are now available in 3000LM output. This unique combination of industry-leading LED light quality, high output, and Bluetooth control with beacons should prove particularly attractive to high ceiling or high output applications in museums, retail stores, hotels, or corporate lobbies.

XIM (Xicato Intelligent Module) integrates the industry’s best light source with a deep, smooth-dimming driver and Bluetooth and/or wired control, all in a compact module. It is at the heart of an expanding ecosystem of Bluetooth smart lighting and IoT networking, including sensors, switches, drivers, gateways, and management tools.

Visit our website or contact your local Xicato representative or Authorized Distributor for more information.





Proliad Lights the Rotterdam "De Hef" Vertical Lift Bridge




Rotterdam "De Hef" vertical-lift bridge. Lighting Design by Rob Kruizinga.
Luminaires by Proliad "Spotlight 350".
Light source by Xicato XTM Standard Series.

Video of Bridge Light Show


Beautiful New XIM Gen4 Luminaires and Installations
Now in the Xicato Gallery

Get inspired by the Xicato Galleries! This is already the most frequently visited area of our website, but now you have even more incentive, as we have added luminaires and installations that incorporate our new XIM Gen4 and other Xicato smart lighting products.

The Applications Gallery so far includes photos, descriptions, and credits to the designers and manufacturers. 

The Luminaires Gallery so far lists number of luminaires. Each listing includes photos and links to the manufacturers' websites. 

We expect both galleries to expand rapidly, so keep an eye on it!




Wadden Sea Centre, Denmark






Click to go to the Xicato Galleries. Apologies to those particularly sensitive to flicker (as we are!)

Visit the Applications Gallery


Visit the Luminaires Gallery


Xicato Color Consistency Video

This is an "Oldie but Goodie". It explains how white tint point changes as the white point drifts along and away from the Black Body Locus. Enjoy!



Introducing Oliver Weiss, Xicato Regional Sales

Xicato is delighted to announce the addition of Oliver Weiss as Regional Sales Manager for Northern Europe, the UK, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Oliver is a career lighting geek with a unique background in lighting design and project management, lamp and fixtures product management, and most recently lighting controls, which is a perfect match for Xicato evolves deeper into Smart Lighting.

“Oliver's combination of experience and service orientation makes him a great fit for the Xicato team,” said Willem Sillevis-Smitt, VP Sales and Marketing at Xicato. “Xicato is known for the quality of its people, and we are happy to have a person with Oliver's professional and personal qualities.”

We asked Oliver to comment on why he chose Xicato: “I love light, and Xicato offers the best quality of light in the industry. And it is exciting to be in a company that is pioneering a new generation of lighting control. It is exciting to be near the ground floor of this evolution.”

Oliver’s contact information is listed on the Xicato website. Send him a note! 





What can YOU do with Xicato XIM Gen4?

More and more lighting designers, specifiers, and OEMs are getting familiar with wireless Bluetooth control, sensors and beacons using our XIM Gen4 Evaluation Kit. The XIM Gen4 development kit comes with two XIM Gen4 modules on heat sinks, with optics and power supply, a USB BLE dongle, and the Xicato Intelligent Sensor (XIS), which is a Bluetooth integrated sensor with passive infrared (PIR) motion sensing, lux sensing, temperature, humidity, and an accelerometer.

Making full use of the kit requires the Xicato Control Panel software for Windows, and the XIMtroller iOS software, both of which are free from Xicato and the Apple iTunes App Store. Click below for more information.


Order in The Americas


Order in Benelux & France


Order in the UK & Germany

Download XIMtroller iOS control software

Request Control Panel software

Rest of World can order from any of the above... local distribution coming soon!






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Après L'introduction des modules XTM et XIM  beaucoup de nos clients ont déjà adapté leurs appareils pour acceuillir ces nouvelles générations de modules LED.
Les quantités de commandes sont fortement réduites et comme suite le parduction sera arrêtée.

Dernière prise de commandes le 30 Avril. Dernier jour de la production 30 mai 2016
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