Xicato Bluetooth Ecosystem

Fixing the "Controls Mess"

Xicato has built his reputation on solving the most difficult lighting challenges. First it was color consistency, both initial and over lifetime. Then it was color quality, with the Artist series. Next, it was deep, smooth and flicker-free dimming, with the Xicato Intelligent Module. 

Now Xicato is tackling the controls mess with a portfolio of open standard Bluetooth wireless control products that enable worry-free, hassle-free, and economical lighting control, with no compromise to power or performance. 

Fast, Easy and Affordable.


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XCT Xicato Configuration Tool


XIG Xicato Intelligent Gateway


XID Xicato Intelligent Driver

XIS Xicato Intelligent Sensors

TRAN Xicato GalaXi BLE to 1-10V dimming module

NDRV Xicato GalaXi 4 Channel Constant Voltage dimmer

Batteryless Radio Switch Easyfit

Nodon Soft remote

BLE dongle

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