Luxendi has a wide range of reflectors and lenses in stock

Both the Xicato modules but also for all other known LED modules

Provided whit the custom holder these lenses and reflectors very versatile.


Ledlink : hybride, ultra-thin and/or silicone lenzes

Nata : Aluminum reflectors 

Diffractive Optics : Plastic reflectors 

Kathod : diffusors

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Here are the lenses that we have in stock.

All other lenses are available in 3 to 4 weeks.

Ledlink is very strong in bespoke lenses for specific applications. All the know-how under one roof.



 Her you'll find all the reflectors we have in stock. 

Nata provide one-stop production service: product design, mould making, auto-spinning,
anodizing, optical testing. Nata has his own R&D department and professional optical
testing device for LED reflector development. The reflectors are high efficiency and good
light shape. Production capacity can be reach 3,000,000 pcs per month. Good quality,
good prices with professional production skills, that’s why Nata can cooperate many
world-class lighting brands!


Silicon lens

Plastic reflectors and diffusors

All items are compatible with the Xicato modules XIM/XTM/XSM

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