Drivers & PSU

Luxendi has a range of drivers and PSU's in stock si you always have a solution for the Xicato modules.

The choice of your driver depends on the range of Vf and the constant current of the module.

Luxendi is the official distributor of ROAL. Articles in stock are on this page. All other items are available on demand.


Bij de keuze van de driver steeds het vermogen en de stroom nakijken, maar ook of het bereik van de Vf breder is dan dat van de modules.

Luxendi is ook officieel verdeler van Roal. Drivers op voorraad vind je op deze pagina, andere steeds verkrijgbaar, gamma wordt uitgebreid.


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ROAL Strato RSLD035-12

Roal RSLD035-12

35W 700mA Poutmax 29,4W

ROAL Strato RSLD070-25

70W 700mA Poutmax 61W

Roal Strato RSLP035-48

35W PSU - 48VDC


70W PSU  48VDC

Harvard CL700S-240-c

350/700mA 220-240V 9-48VDC

Harvard CLQ2700S-240-C/twin driver

350/700mA 220-240V 9-48VDC

CLQ21000S-240-C/twin driver

500/1000mA 220-240V 9-48VDC

CLQ21000S2-240V-C/Twin driver S2

700/1000mA 220-240V 9-48VDC

CL700D-240-C Dali

350/700mA 220-240V 9-48VDC  Dali


500/1000mA 220-240V 9-48VDC


700/1050mA 220-240V 9-48VDC


1400mA, 220-240V, 18-36VDC

1-10V, fan output

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