Xicato Unveils New High-Density Light Sources

26 June 2019

XOB Light Sources Hit “Sweet Spot” of Market for Differentiated General Lighting Applications.

Xicato, the leading provider of highest quality light sources and smart building wireless controls, today announced the XOB (Xicato on Board) a new category of high density light sources, expanding its world renowned portfolio of LED light sources, all at the same matching Xicato color point.

Offered in industry standard sizes and form factors, ranging from 6mm to 32.8mm and, through tightly controlled color matching of 1×2 SDCM (Standard Deviation Color Matching), the XOB provides lighting professionals with more options and opportunities for additional differentiation in virtually all of their end markets including retail, hospitality, office, residential, heritage, healthcare, and education.

Lighting the world’s most productive workspaces, popular retail environments, hospitality, and historic cathedrals and museums increasingly poses challenges to lighting professionals who strive to be distinct while remaining competitive. For over ten years, they’ve looked to Xicato as the premium light source provider with unmatched color rendering and consistency serving those who refuse to sacrifice quality. The introduction of XOB extends that same Xicato quality to the most reliable high-density LED array on the market, enabling easy design-in, fast time to revenue, and the richest color spectrum for any application.

XOB is offered in a variety of LES and package options to enable fixture designs ranging from very narrow beams below 10 degrees to very high brightness above 10,000 lumens:Xicato on board

  • 6mm, 9.8mm, 14.5mm, 23mm, and 32.8mm sizes for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Xicato color points from 2700K to 4000K with 1×2 SDCM harmonized with the rest of Xicato portfolio.
  • Minimum 80, 90 and 95 CRI options
  • Xicato’s renowned performance, quality and warranty

XOB is available at Luxendi starting July 4th, in 6 and 9.8mm LES packages, each in 90 and 95 CRI. Color temperatures include 2700K to 4000K, with 1×2 SDCM color matching. Products can be purchased at our webstore, https://www.luxendi.com/en-gb/xob/ or via our sales department. Other LES packages such as 14.5mm, 23mm, and 32.8mm packages will be shipping in Fall 2019.

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