Xicato Unveils Open Platform for Smart Building Applications

03 October 2019

Xicato announced the general availability of XFW, Xicato’s Bluetooth mesh software, with a licensing option for OEMs to enable mesh capability on their devices with Bluetooth approved chipsets.

The XFW joins the already available XGC, a plug-in hardware option that allows the same capability for OEMs that prefer a ready-made solution. The XFW and XGC are part of the Xicato Onboard, a series of products by which any 3rd party device can be upgraded to control and monitor a smart building and operate seamlessly with Xicato’s award winning Controls Platform.

The proliferation of Bluetooth mesh for controls applications has necessitated a complete, robust and yet open architecture solution to enable adoption. Xicato Onboard products further accelerate the rate of adoption by offering flexible and scalable options for OEMs and systems integrators to become fully compatible and interoperable.

With Xicato’s XGC plug-in hardware and the new XFW as licensed software, device manufacturers and systems integrators can add wireless capabilities to their products to offer a portfolio of solutions that can easily be integrated in a building using Bluetooth mesh. Property managers and building owners now have effortless and flexible expansion capabilities for their smart building functionalities and services.

The XGC and XFW provide cost effective options to instantly transform any otherwise standalone device to be interoperable inside a fully connected and controlled network. The 3rd party integrators can now create productive and healthy personalized spaces by controlling LED drivers, sensors, shade controllers, HVAC, security systems and more from anywhere in the world, setting the stage for tomorrow’s smart buildings.