Xicato releases new XOB Series

New in October 2019

Xicato XOB Series

XOB brings Xicato phosphor technology, quality of light, and reliability to the world of high-density LED arrays. Take advantage of Xicato’s beautiful color points, legendary color rendering, and great performance with a rich and mature ecosystem to design fantastic fixtures fast and accelerate time to revenue.

The benchmark light quality of XOB series with an R9 of 50 at 90CRI and an R9 of 90 at 95CRI provide the best options for strong color rendering in industry standard sizes for easy adoption. Applications for the powerful output of the 14.5mm LES include the office, hospitality, residential and healthcare just to name a few. The 14.5mm LES XOB has had strong demand from light designers who need the same quality offered in the Company’s 6 and 9.8mm LES XOBs with the consistency of color point for seamless integration where comfort, color matching and quality matter.


The 14.5mm XOB is available as 90 CRI with 4000 to 4800 lumens and 95 CRI with 3600 to 4300 lumens. Color temperatures include 2700K to 4000K, with 1x2 SDCM color spec. Products can be purchased at store.xicato.com along with previously available 6 and 9.8mm LES packages.

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