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To add more flexibility for designers to achieve the desired emotional impact for their environments, Xicato has designed three types of light: the Standard Series, the Artist Series and the Vibrant Series.

Xicato Standard, Artist, Vibrant Series

Standard Series light is superior to ceramic metal halide (CMH) and fluorescent lamps. The Artist Series light is a match to light from halogen lamps. Consistent color appearance and accurate color rendering are hallmarks of the light Xicato invents. Light from the Vibrant Series makes colors appear more vivid and striking while keeping the feel of the light warmer and comfortable.

The Standard, Artist and Vibrant Series lights are incorporated into our module portfolio so that the lighting community can bring the right light and the perfect light to every project.

Visit the Xicato Website for more information.

XIM Module® Xicato XIM Module® XIM Module®
Xicato XIM, the intelligent LED module with an integrated driver, delivers perfectly choreographed dimming, unmatched color consistency, remarkable color rendering that make any space perform to its fullest. With smoother and deeper dimming, Xicato XIM out-performs systems with high-end standalone LED drivers.
XTM Modules® Xicato XTM Modules® XTM Modules®
Xicato has introduced its new XTM module. With more than 100 lumens per Watt at operating temperatures, XTM outperforms competitors by as much as 20% in its 1300, 2000 and 3000 lumen packages.
XLT Modules® Xicato XLT Modules® XLT Modules®
XLT is a constant voltage, linear light source that delivers Xicato’s quality of light. XLT is easy to install with its flexible, adhesive-backed tape solution designed for cove, display case, under-cabinet, and other low-density linear applications
XCA Module® Xicato XCA Module® XCA Module®
The XCA is the core LED light source for both XTM and XIM modules and is also designed for use with the Xicato XSA-401 45mm holder.
Xicato On Board® Xicato On Board Xicato On Board®
Xicato XOB On Board packages Xicato’s world renowned quality, performance and warranty into industry standard form factors that allow for rapid fixture design resulting in accelerated time to revenue.
XID Drivers Xicato Intelligent Drivers XID Drivers
Xicato’s XID drivers are compact, programmable, deep dimming drivers that enable Bluetooth and/or wired control of most LED sources up to 56W. This includes the entire Xicato XTM portfolio and virtually all third-party LEDs, COBs, and LED arrays.
XIS Sensors Xicato Intelligent Sensors XIS Sensors
Xicato’s XIS sensors are compact, wireless nodes that transmit sensor data over the Bluetooth network for use by lighting, environmental management, or other applications. XIS can sense motion, ambient light, temperature, relative humidity, and device motion.
XIG Intelligent Gateway Xicato Intelligent Gateway XIG Intelligent Gateway
Xicato's XIG Intelligent Gateway provides wired or wireless IP access to a wireless Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) network of XIM Gen4 LED modules, sensors, and other devices. XIG can be powered using standard AC-DC transformers with 15W capacity, operating at 9V to 48V.
XCT Configuration Tool Xicato Configuration Tool XCT Configuration Tool
XIcato XCT Configuration Tool is a small, dedicated computer that allows luminaire manufacturers to program and brand lighting nodes in a variety of ways.
XGC Smart Card Xicato XGC Smart Card XGC Smart Card
Xicato XGC Smart Card is the fastest, surest path for developing lighting control devices that can participate as wireless nodes in a Xicato Bluetooth® mesh network.
XSW Switches Xicato XSW Switch XSW Switches
Xicato's XSW Switches are programmable switches that can be field installed and converts a standard 0-10V dimming switch or low voltage momentary contact switch into a sophisticated Bluetooth controller.
Design Kits LED Development Kits Design Kits
Xicato's LED Design Kits and LED Developement kits for lighting.
Xicato Accessories Xicato Accessories
Specific articles who are dedicated to be used with Xicato modules. Wire Harness, adapterrings, spacers, screws, etc.