SPD-10S-277S Series 10kA Miniaturized High Performance Surge Protection Device

09 September 2019

MEAN WELL is releasing the new SPD-10S-277S, a series that has small size, low cost, safety approvals, and can sustain a maximum discharge current of 10kA. Its key features are low Measured Limiting Voltage (MLV) and Voltage Protection Level, UP. It can drastically decrease the high surge impact of lightning to luminaires, which expands luminaires’ life cycle.

SPD-10S-277S thermally protected Surge Protective Device is a self-protected device which is specially designed to be used in outdoor and commercial LED lighting fixtures for transient overvoltage protection. It is constructed with thermally protected varistor technology and its built-in thermal disconnect function prevents catastrophic failure and fire hazard, even under extreme circumstances. When replacement of the module is needed, a built-in Led indicator notifies you.


  • Series connection style
  • UL1449 type 4 component assemblies
  • Line to Ground and Line to Line protected
  • 10kA maximum discharge current (lmax), 8/20μs
  • Thermally protected
  • Double insulation cable wire
  • LED status indicator
  • IP66 design for indoor or outdoor installations
  • Suitable for LED driver surge protection with class I insulation
  • 10KV surge protection capability