Prolight Opto

Prolight Opto

Prolight Opto

Prolight Opto Technology Corporation, founded in 2004, is a manufacturer of LED packages. This highly professional organisation focuses on the research, development, and production of mid-to-high power LED packages and COBs with a high reliability.

The Prolight Opto products excel in the class of optical performance and heat management products. Prolight Opto LED packages and COBs are used in stage lighting, indoor and outdoor lighting, commercial lighting, flashes for HD digital cameras, automotive lighting, and special applications.

High Power LED

  • Phenix 3020
  • Phenix 3535
  • Hornet Series
  • COB Light Engine Series
  • High Voltage (HV) Series
  • Phenix Series
  • Crab Series
  • Unicorn Series
  • Proeon Series
  • Lantern Fish Series
  • Full Color Series

LED Modules

  • High Voltage (HV) Module Series
  • Single LED Module
  • Phenix Module Series
  • Butterfly Module
  • Triple LED Module
  • Unicorn Module Series

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