MechaTronix in Taiwan is part of the Eight Lakes Group. They produce under strictly controlled conditions, components and assemblies, including heat sinks, connectors, cable assemblies, and electronic housings.

Through the clever use of the most advanced production methods, MechaTronix is perfectly positioned to produce small to mid-sized series of standard products at very competitive prices. There is also the possibility for customisation and customer-specific adaptations on standard products. MechaTronix has securely positioned itself in the rapidly growing LED market, and produces a complete series of heat sinks and connectors for LED applications.

MechaTronix LED producten

Heat sinks

  • Pin fin heat sinks
  • Star heat sinks
  • LED bar profiles
  • BridgeLux Heat Sinks
  • Xicato Heat Sinks
  • Heat Sinks with forced cooling
  • Heat Sinks with Heat Pipes


  • Waterproof Plastic Connectors
  • Waterproof metal connectors

Besides these products, Mechatronix can also supply assemblies and provide customisations for your LED applications. Please visit the website from Mechatronix for more information.