3x11 Reflector System on Zhaga Standard

12 December 2019

Khatod launched it’s new 3x11 Reflector systems, designed for most popular Mid Power LEDs.

Khatod 3x11 reflector system

Excellent optical solution for lighting systems used in rooms with high ceilings and industrial framing. It perfectly meets the requirements for applications that need high-efficiency lighting while being energy efficient.

The KCLPL2161xx are 3-row linear reflector modules made of 33 reflectors - 11x3 - with 11.6 mm pitch, for PCBs with 40mm maximum width. The linear modules, 43.00 x 280.00 mm, are optimized for 3030 LEDs. The reflector systems are being made of black PMMA HT and aluminium reflective coating, which enables the reflectors to withstand an operating temperature between -40° ~ 110°C. The KCLPL2161xx series can be used alone or with a protection glass plate. Further beam configurations are coming soon.

>> Download "PIXEL 11x3 Reflectors" Product Brief in PDF format.