With Khatod, Luxendi can supply products from a leading producer of secondary optics. An LED engine or COB emits light, but that light still has to be bundled, filtered, focused, stained, or broken for the final application.

And this is where Khatod’s product range comes in. With reflectors, lenses, wide area LED components, and other accessories, the light output of the LED is adapted to the requirements of the application. The company has been around for over 25 years and is investing heavily in the further development of optical products, with a focus on energy-saving and environmentally friendly production processes.

Khatod products

  • Single, triple, quad lenses
  • Multi- lenses
  • Modular lens systems
  • Colour mixing lenses
  • Dark lenses
  • Modular reflector systems
  • Round and rectangular reflectors
  • Strip lenses
  • Fresnel lenses
  • Universal diffuse lenses
  • Heat sinks
  • Synthetic lenses

Visit the website of Khatod for more information. Or visit Khatod Download Area.