New FlickerFree Sanna290 AC FF

19 December 2019

Optoga launched the Sanna290 AC FF, a new round LED module for lightings with opalized glass in professional fixtures. The LED module is designed for big-sized lightings and it can be used for ceiling lamps or wall lamps, as well as bigger pendulums. The solution is developed to make it easy for the designers and engineers, with incoming wires and a hole for center mounting it is well equipped for flexible and safe mounting.

It is a 20W solution of 290 mm in diameter which is flicker free with extremely homogeneous light scattering. It delivers about 2300lm. You are able to connect the LED-module directly to 230VAC which means you won’t need a bulky driver. This allows freedom to design slim fixtures without making place or need extra cables for a driver. Without an extra component it also reduces the risk of failure. Other advantages with an AC driver that has been built-in is:

Optoga FlickerFree Sanna290 AC FF

  • Lifetime – Connected to a heat sink and therefore has a controlled environment
  • Dimming – Dimming via standard trailing edge dimmers
  • Simple – Easily adapted into to the production line

Colour stability is important to ensure that the installation has a uniform light output. Parameters such as binning, lifetime and thermal control are vital for good results. All AC light sources have flicker, incandescent bulbs, halogen, tubes or low energy. Usually the frequency is 100Hz due to the main line, most people can’t see flicker over 75Hz. Since LED does not have an afterglow as other light sources, flicker might be an issue in some cases. OptoDrive LED-engines uses a technology to minimize the off-period.

Key features:

  • Made for big-sized lightings with opalized glass
  • Even light distribution
  • No need for a driver
  • Integrated cover
  • Simple integration
  • Flickerfree