Electro Terminal

Electro Terminal strives to be a globally recognized Electro-terminalspecialist for electromechanical connectors and system components for lighting and household appliances and building installations.

We are guided by our core values. We are solution-oriented and driven by innovation. We ensure high quality in all our business processes. We put our customers first. And we are fully aware of our responsibility to the environment and our Society.

Products for luminaires

Thanks to its extremely small dimensions, the SLK 5 luminaire terminal can be used for delicate luminaires. The 5-pin terminal block takes up no more space than a conventional 3-pin version.

SLK 3 is a screwless luminaire power supply connector for downlights, linear luminaires, continuous row supply, desk lights and wall lights. 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-pole model, four different earthing variants, available also with LINECT interface.

LBK is a plug-and-play system for continuous row lighting, available as 5- and 7-pole through-wiring units. Axial connector, (variable) socket and adapter plate for KH (socket) available.

We help turn your ideas into action: Tailor-made LED solutions for your applications.

At Electro Terminal we are recognized for our expertise in developing customized solutions. Every project is managed by a specially assigned project team that is able and ready to meet individual customer requirements. We are able to fulfill special requests, including packaging, variants, materials and colors.

SLK3, LBK components, SLK 5

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