Case Study: Eco-Friendly, Smart Lighting Helps Preserve Environment in France

30 June 2021

Grand Sud Logistique is a development zone located in Tarn-et-Garonne, France. The business park is entirely dedicated to logistics and e-commerce and is one of the most important activity zones in the South West of France. Luxendi is also operating in France and in cooperation with Xicato we were able to help the customer with their issue: “Build a Sustainable Industrial Business Park with Limited Environmental Impact”.

The core development principles of the 450 acres of the Grand Sud Logistique business park was to construct an environmentally friendly industrial park to complement and preserve the surrounding wetlands and pastures. Numerous measures were taken to avoid, limit or compensate for ecological and landscape impacts to safeguard the environment. In line with this green agenda, the company hired to design the space, Design Lighting Systems (DLS), chose Xicato’s leading wireless Bluetooth Controls with their flexibility to suit the needs of the customer and ensure that the warehouse lighting was delivered in an eco-friendly manner, whilst adhering to stringent local work-place lighting regulations.Eco-Friendly, Smart Lighting Helps Preserve Environment

Solution: Eco-Friendly Lighting that Sense Motion and Light Levels

Xicato Smart Lighting Controls were installed within fourteen warehouses, each covering 5,000m2 (53,800 sq. feet). Close to 1,000 Bluetooth-enabled luminaires are controlled by 328 Xicato Intelligent Sensors (XIS) to ensure that lighting is delivered to each individual corridor within a warehouse only when the presence of personnel or vehicles is detected.

XIS was the right solution for the environment providing a multi-functional, closed-loop 5-in-1 sensor that turn environments such as warehouses at the Grand Sud Logistique business park into smart buildings. The XIS is programmed to sense for the following attributes:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Motion
  • Lux
  • Acceleration

The XIS continuously measures the surrounding lux level including natural light and transmits the information to each individual lighting node. The lighting nodes automatically adjust their intensities to ensure a pre-programmed lux level is maintained in line with working regulations. As a result, artificial lighting levels are adjusted as appropriate, taking into account natural light levels to maintain regulatory requirements. When no presence is detected by XIS in a focused area of the warehouse, the lighting adjusts to low levels in order to save energy.

The nature of each building in terms of size and density of large metal shelving units filled with goods, coupled with requirements for positioning of luminaires and sensor equipment made this a challenging environment for Bluetooth wireless signals. Xicato, in conjunction with DLS, deployed 143 dedicated Xicato Relay Nodes (XRN) throughout the site in order to create a robust wireless mesh infrastructure, thereby ensuring uninterrupted system availability and control message delivery.

Result: Sustainable Environment with Efficient, Smart Lighting

The business park owners and DLS were extremely pleased with the final results of the project in a multitude of ways – energy savings translated into cost savings and eco-friendly lighting with diverse application uses for the future. Most importantly, the transformation of the warehouses into smart spaces complemented the preservation of the surrounding environment of wooded areas, pastures and wetlands that is the mission of the owners of the business park.