Blueview launches black profiles with black diffusers

25 June 2020

Luxendi has with Blueview a reliable supplier when it comes to LED strips. The quality of the products is their number one priority and adaptations for existing LED strips are no problem at all. To extend their product range, Blueview already supplies profiles up to a length of 3 meters.

black profiles with black diffusersTo this same product range Blueview now adds black profiles in combination with black diffusers. However you have to take into account a light transmission of 14%; therefore is choosing the right LED strip important.

The black profiles are available in lengths from 0 to 3 metres. Black end caps are also available. In addition the profiles including LED strips can be tailor-made on requirement.

Have you become curious about the black profiles? Our account managers are equipped with sample kits. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule an appointment.