BHC, Bergh Hybrid Circuits


Bergh Hybrid Circuits

Bergh Hybrid Circuits B.V. is a development and production company for electronic circuits, LED modules, heating elements and sensors based on all kinds of carrier/print materials. In addition, BHC produces specialized carrier materials such as ceramics based on the hybrid technology.

BHC product groups:

  • Led technology: customer-specific LED solutions for LED engines, LED modules and OEM end products.
  • Electronics EMS: Hardware, software development in combination with production and EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) for the production of small and big volumes.
  • Hybrid technology: Based on a screen printing technique, we apply different conductors, resistances and glass materials to ceramic supports and thus offer a wide variety of products.
  • Heating elements and sensors: Through the thick film technology on ceramic supports, BHC is able to produce heating elements, sensors, heaters with integrated sensors, heating modules and OEM end products.
  • Ceramic substrates: BHC supplies Al2O3 and AlN ceramics in various dimensions and multiple thicknesses, available on customer specific requests.

With more than 30 years of experiences and broad expertise in these product group areas, BHC is able to tackle almost all challenges in the field of thermodynamics, power electronics, light problems, high-frequency, miniaturization and sensors.

Developments that request very specific demands on materials, knowledge and/ or experiences from our team are seen as a challenge for us. BHC has all disciplines in-house from idea to CAD designing up to designing complete end products. Both, small and bigger series can be provided with customized solutions.
All IP rights belong to our customers and under NDA we will propose solutions in close cooperation with the customer. BHC is able to support in applications in very different market segments, such as lighting, aviation, medical, industry, office and domestic. The electronic solutions vary from microelectronics to high power circuits with high and low temperature soldering techniques.

We hear from our customers that they are very positive about the fact that BHC has all disciplines under one roof such as electronics, LED circuits, heating elements and sensors, development and production. In consultation with the customer, the supply chain can also be arranged for them through Luxendi. A success that has proven itself.

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