Gaggione LLC66X7 67MM Silicone Collimators Range

19 March 2019

Following the LLC66N7 Narrow Beam silicone collimator, Gaggione is now introducing four new references to match market requirements on beam angle options : LLC66M7 medium beam, LLC66W7 wide beam, LLC66L7 large beam, LLC66V7 very large beam and LLC66Z7 zoomable beam.


Based on the same technological breakthroughs, these references will be the perfect fulfillment to the Narrow Beam version. This new range will thus produce various light distribution angles with very high quality beam results. Recommended to be coupled with COBs from 6 mm to 19 mm, this product range covers beam angles from 10° to 55° depending on the Light Emitting Surface diameter. Please refer to our LLC66x7 range leaflet for more details about the range.Image title


All of the LLC66x7 references use our patented negative draft angles technology. The special shape of the collimator’s input port allows the best compromise to be achieved on beam angle versus homogeneity and stray light. The special shape achieves the best beam homogeneity on the market while drastically reducing the stray light effect, allowing a straightforward integration with no light loss as no collimator recess in a mechanical tube is needed to cut the unwanted parasite light outside of the main beam.

Mechanical Integration

We provide a full integration ecosystem designed to ensure a fast time to market while ensuring the best optical fit with various LED and COB interface manufacturers. Its consists of pre-assembled sets of collimators plus cage holders such as the LLS66N02. Specific base have been developed to fit various LED and COB holders environments with 6 different options depending on your preferences as the LLH66B102. Please refer to our LLH66 ecosystem leaflet for more details on part numbers and compatibility.

LLC66Z7 Zoom Solution

LLC66Z7 is a game changing solution for 70mm spot application. Within a single optical part it allows a 12 to 30 degrees beam angle with all of the narrow beam consistency benefits of the LLC66N7. We also provide a full integration ecosystem providing the rotation and position offset feature in order to allow the fastes possible development cycle. Please review the dedicated LLC66Z7 infosheet for more details on this unique and innovative solution.

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