The intelligent PC-APP myPI-LED combines luminaires using PI-LED technology with cameras and sensors and thus enables a lighting system that can respond quickly and personalized to a variety of requirements. Fully automatic or interactive - myPI-LED supports users intuitively and ensures optimal lighting conditions.

The award-winning and patented PI-LED technology combines white light and RGB colors in a single light source and stays for the highest level of human centric lighting since over 10 years. With myPI-LED LUMITECH wants to make the access to professional lighting solutions easier for everyone. The functionality is very easy: the product or the room is photographed, a dot or area is marked in the photo and myPI-LED sets the optimal lighting conditions with the ideal white light for exactly this situation (RGB is also possible, if needed) – fully automatic and comfortable.

MyPI-LED is an enormous advantage, especially for shop applications: Each product is set in perfect lighting at all times and impresses with its colors, material and haptics.

Control device for NeoLink Air luminaires

  • Easy initial operation/installation of the NeoLink Air USB Stick on every Windows PC
  • Communication between NeoLink Air USB Stick and luminaires via NeoLink Air (radio technology based on ZigBee)
  • Automatic NeoLink Air network configuration (automatic registration of NeoLinkAir luminaires in the network)
  • NeoLink Air network reset via "myPI-LED" software (automatic de-registrationof NeoLink Air luminaires from the network)
  • Configuration of luminaire groups, brightness- and colour control of the groups via "myPI-LED" software
  • Programming and calling various mood lights, daylight sequences and dynamic sequences via "myPI-LED"
  • Integration of up to thirty WALLY in the NeoLink Air network of the Stick