LED DC-DC Driver

DC/DC LED Drivers

LED DC/DC Converters

Especially for LED applications with an existing DC current already available, Luxendi offers DC-DC LED drivers or DC-DC converters, to deliver the required DC voltage for powering LED. Mainly these DC-DC LED drivers are of the Constant Current type, with wide input and output ranges and high efficiency up to 95%. Models range from 300 mA up to 1500 mA, obtainable in SMD, Pin and Wired format.

Specs for DC/DC LED Drivers

  • 300 mA ~ 1500 mA
  • Power ON with dimming
  • Working temperature -40 ~ +85
  • oC EMC Standards EN55015, EN614547, e.g.
  • PWM frequency 100 ~ 1KHz
  • SMD, Pin, Wired

XID drivers


Xicato’s XID drivers are compact, programmable, deep dimming drivers that enable Bluetooth and/or wired control of most LED sources up to 56W. This includes the entire Xicato XTM portfolio and virtually all third-party LEDs, COBs, and LED arrays. XID can be manufacturer-programmed to fit specific light sources and luminaires:

  • XID01-25 has a programmable maximum current of 350mA to 700mA and a maximum output of 28W

  • XID01-50 has a programmable maximum current of 700mA to 1400mA and a maximum output of 56W.

Xicato’s XID accept either 24V or 48V DC input, provide smooth, IEEE 1789-compliant dimming performance to 0.1%, can be programmed with beacons, and provide detailed operating data over Bluetooth or DALI.